A fiction on the end of language…


It might be fitting to appropriate the form of communication, used ubiquitously during the period under observation, if not for any rational purpose, than just in the spirit of the ‘game play’ that was synonymous with the use of textual coding or ‘language’ as it was known a few hundred years ago. As the analyst thought this to himself, his co-analyst (co-an) seemed to know immediately and agree that this was a good idea. Bringing up the visual prosthetic, externally, the analyst engaged the materialization process. What was for these two analysts usually a telepathic exercise, this task would be an experiment in inhabiting written text. The task as ever was a task of data retrieval/mining. To explore any useful remnants or fragments of information found in biological or textual informatics prior to the ‘entwinement’. The purpose of this data retrieval/mining activity was to gain some useful information on the build up to and causes of this ‘entwinement’. Many other analysts were engaged in the same process, some entombed beneath the earth’s surface, others floating in the upper atmosphere.

The word ‘entwinement’ is as close a description that can be achieved, considering that the period referred to is the period of the end of linguistic communication and the beginning of the post-lingua era. The entwinement, therefore, is the first and last word created to describe the phenomena of the end of linguistics and textuality and the beginning of a post-lingual ‘deafness’, only this deafness affected the ability to interpret information of any kind. It is broadly accepted, amongst the analysts that the ‘entwinement’ is the result, initially of a genetic accident which then infects the structure of the science of information, the practice of information processing and the engineering of information systems. A massive blindspot exists for an unknown period until the emergence of telepathy via an artificial nervous system.

This entwining of biological code and linguistic code gave rise to a quite unfathomable effect. Linguistic information known to most, existing in an open network known as the world wide web, a seemingly infinite resource of coded information became host to the parasite of genetic information which had begun to self-replicate the process of production, circulation and eventual consumption, resulting in the emergence of matter from information. Essentially, the appropriation of a vast reservoir of random user generated information into the genetic recoding process and developing into a zygote/blastomere/fetal mutation infecting the global gene pool, the accident went ‘germline’. Literally, as information came into existence, through typing words on a computer or speaking to another person, the parasitic materialization of biological matter would unfold. A merging or ‘twining’ of thought with biological stuff became externalized. The landscape of cities became a landscape of the mind. The materiality of the central nervous system, the pinkish white lipid tissue veined with capillaries, grows out of the pathological growth of information and consumes the thoughts and objects in an environment forever altered.

Sealed, in a lead subterranean chamber, the analysts began their boredom relieving experiment with a configuration of symbols of digital language. They would be safe here from the infections above. As the system began trawling through the remnants of an informatic of relentless growth, information began to display,






< “The organism feeds upon negative entropy (sunlight)’,

attracting, as it were, a stream of negative

entropy upon itself, to compensate the entropy

increase it produces by living and thus to

maintain itself on a stationary and fairly low

entropy level.” P26

The displayed texts, were refined from the unmeaning code, the data mining software was crude but did manage to extract some coherent information. The analysts agreed that the source was of interest and they continued the feed,

< The accident of the cut-up technique, devised by William Burroughs in novels such as ‘The Naked Lunch’ and ‘The Ticket that Exploded’, are about creating gaps in the space and time of an already determined universe. Allan Ginsberg and Burroughs explore Wittgenstein’s idea of the ‘pre-recorded universe’, in which the only thing not pre-recorded is the pre-recording itself. The cut-ups are an attempt to tamper with these pre-recordings. This tampering and game playing with language is still being applied today, but to a different set of symbols. In a sense, a kind of textuality is still operating as code for the entrance into a materiality which is just as inherently locked within us as the roots of the words we speak, but this materiality hides the invisible microscopic information in biological tissue. In a once novel trope, Burroughs described the word and language as virus, organism and parasite. Today we can en-code, re-code and de-code the essence of biological systems into arrangements of letters, deformed, unmeaning words and into languages that can be hybridized, infected and re-configured through intention turned accident.

Repeat {enlarge text}

< In a once novel trope, Burroughs described the word and language as virus, organism and parasite. Today we can en-code, re-code and de-code the essence of biological systems into arrangements of letters, deformed, unmeaning words and into languages that can be hybridized, infected and re-configured through intention turned accident.

The two analysts glanced at each other, with a quizzical and some-what bemused confusion. Surely this was a coincidental game itself. Could this be relevant to the ‘entwinement’?

< In the ‘The Ticket that Exploded’ the cut-up is expanded by technology. Tape recordings splice the internal monologue, the constant chattering of the self to the self, with the external world. This liberation of the subject from the parasite of language is a literal externalization. This connects the tissue of the body with the literary cut-up, the physical paper and scissors to the machine of recording the body. Thus merging the unstable code of linguistic language with the soon to be unstable biological code of genetics. Today’s environments of codification are closer to this convergence than that of the analogue tape recording. The digital is now host to the parasite that Burroughs saw in language, the process of externalizing the parasite of the mind has become benign. The parasite is host to parasite. The body and the word are trapped in a symbiosis within digital code that requires re-externalization. This new externalizing process, with the help of bioinformatics and wet-lab techniques, will be both a re-configuration of communication and of human biology.

< In the context of this re-configuration, we can look at the work of an artist, who, like William Burroughs, seeks to liberate the subject from the parasitism of linguistic and biological evolution, an artist who is involved in the cross-over between contemporary art and the life-sciences, an artist who may be said to have as much in common with Burroughs as with the fictional Dr. Benway. ADAM Zaretsky is currently involved in a project, ‘Mutate or Die’, to create a ‘transgenic hieroglyph’ of William Burroughs, from a very unique sample of Burroughs’ own ‘gut flora’. Zaretsky is forthcoming about his belief that issues around genetic manipulation and eugenics are an inevitable aesthetic concern for society and for the artist. His ideology sees genetic engineers as artists of the flesh, but in paraphrasing the artist we lose the connection with language and with Burroughs that is our focus, in the words of the Doctor himself;

< “If I am a representative of any ideology, it leans towards appreciation of Full Breadth Genetic Alterity. If we are in the process of engaging in auto-evolution, then diversity, the inherent biological love of difference, implies that the human genome should be engineered with as wide a range of genre humans as there are art movements and swanky tastes in the world. Post human integrity is only guaranteed by an expanded aesthetics of anatomy, the more obscure the better… Let’s alter our identity as a species by birthing versions of ourselves into every permutative potential of fleshbound imagination. Let’s have a punk banquet of anatomy, a buffet of new senses, fancy new and multiple genital-orifice smorgasbords and the mad collage of multi-species brains. If we are to go this route, let’s not start by being monocultural, paternalistic snotbags with assumed distinction ruling over the aesthetics of betterment. We must be done with the rhetoric of human enhancement.”


The analysts agreed that the text was most probably an example of ‘academic speculation’ based on a single persons ‘interpretation’, the purpose of which was to achieve merit within some institutional framework or, and this is what the analysts felt for certain, that the text was an example of the practice known as ‘art criticism’. The two analysts took a long pause, and then finally and simultaneously, expelled robust laughter at the thought. No sooner had they begun laughing when the display lit up.

< Dr. Benway. / Zaretsky / Dr. Benway. Zaretsky                       

dr. Zaretsky – Scientifc American / February 19 2009 01:30pm

Fetal stem cells cause tumor in a teenage boy. In may 2001, In a highlt experiemtnal procedure, doctors injected fetal stem cells into the various regions of a nine year old israeli childs brain. The child suffered from ataxia telangiectasia (at), a childhood disease that causes degeneration of parts of the brain that control muscle movements and speech. Some months after the operation, the child was diagnosed with a brain tumor that grew from the injected stem cells. The operation was carried out in russia.

An artist who witnessed the operation, declined to comment on the experiment, his name was dR. ADAM ZARETSKY.

The laughter stopped and the two analysts sensed each other’s nervous energy increase. The story of a genetic experiment, turned accident had become the center of a mythology of the entwinement but this was the first remnant of corroborating information extracted since the search began. The analysts were aware of the work of Melissa Cooper and the origins of the phrase ‘embryonic stem cell’ in the 1960’s and 70’s through studies of embryonal tumors. The term was interchangeable with ‘embryonal carcinoma cell’ and raised issues around the definition of ‘normal’ and ‘pathological’ growth. Where cancer cells were seen as pathological and excessive growth refusing to submit to the limits of generational time, stem cells were seen as benign, regenerative, therapeutic and as a magic substance for prolonging life.

The analysts began to disseminate the new information to the other analysts located above and below the surface. As more analysts became involved in this new thread of investigation, more information flowed in…

<  Ataxia Telangiectasia (a-t) is caused by a defect in the gene responsible for recognising and correcting errors in duplicating dna when cells divide. Normally, when a cell tries to duplicate damaged dna, it identifies the damage at several checkpoints in the cell division cycle. It tries to repair the damage, and, if it can’t repair the damdage, it commits suicide through programmed cell death. In A-T, THE PATHWAYS THAT CONTROL THESE PROCESSES ARE DEFECTIVE. THIS ALLOWS CELLS WITH DAMDAGED DNA TO REPROduce, resulting in chromosome instability, abnormalities in genetic recombination, and an absence of programmed cell death.

< Did the role of art to operations were performances in the offing. Throwing a scalpel across a vector – a DNA molecule used and then make his entrance organism. Examples including speed were incredible bacteriophages, viral of phage he would say. Tumors put vehicles in cloning. Fucking undisciplined political mutations, one can say advancing on the tumor comparable to religion. Art is initiatory, certainly not to question the world 18th and the 19th with his skill and knowledge have been, in the profane sense, danger he has himself invoked and announced prophetically that was in surgeon deliberately. To transfer foreign DNA into a host with incredible speed.

Plasmids, cosmids and from death at the last vectors are often used as delivery. Perform advisedly because in some way the arts had cells that would snarl and philosophy, but the role of art like a knife-fighter the way philosophy and religion since romanticism.

Since the bullfighter centuries, the arts extricates itself from the word, prophetic in this operation. He would start endangering his patient and the room into the patient. Celebrity rescues him like a ballet dancer. His possible split second….I don’t give them time to die, Tetrazzini perform. I say him in a frenzy of rage.

Dr Benway is operating B=GTC (all but A) students: now boys D=GAT (all but C) performed very often. And in calling the structure of the sea it is absolutely shaped rod-like. A code script knows the purpose of mind, once conceived by Laplace. To have a purpose at all. Immediately open could tell from artistic creation to develop under suitable conditions C=cytosine speckled hen into a fly or maize G=guanine mouse or a woman. T=thymine bomb and genetic bomb chromosome fibers (usually fiber in speed). We mean that the all penetrating movement and acceleration up to which every causal connection lay in the cybernetic live transmission. Their structure whether the egg, A=adenine into a black cock or into a gene splicing insertion of plant, a rhododendron, a beetle, a transfer of a vector into M= AC (amino). Hybridoma- the use of tumor cells S=GC (strong bonds) existing cell lines. An immortal reaching the speed of light fusion of B lymphocytes, in television, tele-audition tumor cells (hela cell line). Revolution of transplants W=AT (weak bonds) of certain techniques the atomic bomb, the information crepuscular dawn correspond to three revolutions R=GA (purine). Revolution of transportations Y=TC (pyrimidine) supersonic speeds. K=GT (keto) Revolution of Transmissions a DNA fragment into a vector and the speed of electromagnetic waves host for propagation. Tele=operation to enable indefinitely transmission inside the body by means of cell line produced from the intra-organic transplants. To produce anti-bodies, to lymphocyte in an auditorium filled with H=ACT (all but G) won’t see this operation. V=GCA (all but T) there’s a reason for that… N=AGCT (any) no medical value. No one it originally was or if it personally I think it was pure the beginning.

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